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When Life Isn’t Fair (Part 2 of “My Life Is a Roller Coaster)

This past Sunday, June 14, 2015, we started off with some Sloppy Joes and chips followed by an ice-breaker to help us get to know each other better. Everyone wrote down a fact that nobody else knew about them and handed it in. Each card was then read out loud while the group tried to guess who the fun fact was about.

After the ice-breaker, we transitioned into a time of powerful worship with the youth band.

 But that’s not fair! It’s not my fault! Why is this happening? Why Me? 

These are all questions that we’ve all probably asked at one point or another. These are also questions that many of us have asked God. Life doesn’t always seem fair, and sometimes it’s easy to think that God has it out for us or he has forgotten about us.

This past Sunday (6/14/15) we continued looking at the life of David and his “When Life Isn’t Fair” moment. David had been anointed as Israel’s next king. He was an upright man of integrity and godly character, but he was running for his life from a jealous King Saul. David could either become angry and blame God, or he could continue to trust in God and his plan for his life.

Thankfully, as we looked at Psalm 63, we saw that David continued to trust in God. Instead of taking the situation into his own hands to get revenge, David allowed God to take care of the situation and promote him to King of Israel in his timing.

What about you? Are you currently going through something in your life that you don’t think is fair? Are you blaming God and taking the situation into your own hands? I would like to encourage you to keep the faith knowing that God’s timing and ways are perfect. As a teenager, it is hard because many of the decisions in our lives are made for you by parents, teachers, bosses, etc. Maybe you’re angry because your parents never asked your opinion before they split up, or maybe you are angry because God didn’t ask your opinion before your close friend or relative passed away. Whatever your situation, whether it’s fair or not, God is  the only way you can truly and victoriously move forward in life.

Have a great week and we hope to see you soon!                                                                                                                                                     -Pastor Dustin

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