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Hello AYM Family!

We had another great night last night in youth! We had a powerful time of worship followed by a great discussion time about how to share the greatest story ever told that’s hardly ever told (see last week’s post) with those in our version of THE CAUSE Circle. Check out the video below to learn about THE CAUSE CIRCLE:


After the video, students split into their Tribes with their Tribe Leader to learn about each step of THE CAUSE Circle.


  1.  Jesus did this often. He got alone to talk to God and ReFuel before tackling the task at hand, and he prayed before making big decisions and challenges. (Before choosing the 12 disciples and before being crucified are just a couple of examples)
  2. Jesus showed the importance of talking to God about people before talking to people about God. When pray to God about the friends we want to reach with the greatest story ever told that’s hardly ever told, it prepares their heart to hear the good news of Jesus and the Gospel.


  1. Jesus also modeled how important it is to care for people’s needs. He often healed the sick, fed the hungry, and helped the hurting. Jesus cared for the whole person, not just their spiritual needs. In the same way, we must love those we are trying to reach. This starts with listening to and caring for them. The friends you are trying to reach are people, not projects!


  1. The final step is to lovingly SHARE the Gospel: the greatest story ever told that’s hardly ever told, clearly and confidently. Inviting someone to place their faith in Jesus is inviting them to make the biggest decision of their lives. You are helping provide them with the opportunity to begin an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  1. If they say “no”, or “not now”, continue the PRAYER, CARE, SHARE process. If they say “yes”, celebrate and get them plugged into a good church and youth group to help them grow deeper in their faith and challenge them to begin their own CAUSE Circle!

Students took time at the end of their Tribe Huddles to write down the names of their friends that they will be trying to reach with the Gospel this school year. Imagine this scenario. Students share the Gospel with three friends, those three friends accept Christ and then begin their own CAUSE Circle, and then those three friends do the same… That’s a BIG deal and how revival starts! Please join us in prayer as our students begin the journey of sharing the Gospel, the greatest story ever told that’s hardly ever told, with their friends and classmates.

You can find more info the THE CAUSE Circle and Gospel: Lifein6Words at dare2share.org

Have a great week!

-Pastor Dustin

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