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Goals and Purpose— 5/1/16

Hello Awakening Youth Family! We’re excited to bring you this week’s update!

Last night we started off by the students praying for other students to finish the school year strong as most have big tests and finals approaching.

Then we played one of our favorite games— GROG! Grog is a game played in the dark. We disassemble a flashlight into three pieces, and hide each piece throughout the church. The GROG hides while the rest of the group attempts to find the pieces of the flashlight. Anyone who the GROG tags is frozen until tagged/unfrozen by someone else. The GROG wins by getting the entire group frozen at one time. The group wins by finding all three pieces of the flashlight, reassembling it, and shining it on the GROG.

Once the game was over, we moved into our worship and message time. We had the honor this week of having one of our youth staff, Trevor Harlow, give the message.

Trevor spoke on setting goals in our life that help us live out our purpose. He also gave us a seven-step process to follow to successfully set and reach our goals:
1.  Define your goal.
2.  Know where you are right now.
3.  Decide what you need to develop.
4.  Make a plan for steady improvement.
5.  Pursue regular action.
6.  Commit yourself completely.
7.  Continually monitor your progress.

There are three main things that help us accomplish our goals as we work through this process:

1.  Finding things that motivate us to persevere.
2.  Plan ahead for some of the obstacles you may face.
3.  Have people to hold you accountable.

We closed out the night with asking the youth to take some time to seek God about the goals he desired them to set, what the first step they needed to take was, the obstacles they may face, and who would be best to hold them accountable.

Trevor encouraged everyone with his biggest motivational verse— Philippians 4:13NKJV— I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Have a great week and dream big!
-Pastor Dustin

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