$100 deposit and applications for our 2020 Kentucky Adventure Camp are due on Sunday, October 27th or Wednesday, October 30th.


Last night was our first Family Night of 2019, and we had a BLAST with our students and parents that came out to join us for the evening.

Parents had the opportunity to see a shortened version of what we do in our opening Tribe Huddles as we give students the announcements, prayer points, and details they need to know for the night.

After Tribe Huddles, we did an icebreaker called “Landmines”. We had three teams of two consisting of one all parent team, a parent and student team, and a team of two students. The teams had to turn over paper plates (landmines) that corresponded with their team color and perform the task that was on the plate. The tasks consisted of: bear hug for twenty Mississippi’s, play a duet of Mary Had a Little Lamb on your bellies, tell each other five things you are thankful in your family, do ten sit ups each, and each of you do an arm pit fart.

The truth is that we face landmines, things hiding beneath the surface, in life with our families. The good news is that God gives us a game plan for making sure our families— our kids, grandkids, and so forth, continue to walk in the victory and blessings of God.

Deuteronomy 6:1-9 (CSB) says,

“This is the command—the statutes and ordinances—the Lord your God has commanded me to teach you, so that you may follow them in the land you are about to enter and possess. Do this so that you may fear the Lord your God all the days of your life by keeping all his statutes and commands I am giving you, your son, and your grandson, and so that you may have a long life. Listen, Israel, and be careful to follow them, so that you may prosper and multiply greatly, because the Lord, the God of your fathers, has promised you a land flowing with milk and honey.

“Listen, Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. These words that I am giving you today are to be in your heart. Repeat them to your children. Talk about them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Bind them as a sign on your hand and let them be a symbol on your forehead. Write them on the doorposts of your house and on your city gates.

This passage shows Moses giving the command and teachings that God instructed him to command the Israelites to follow in order to inherit the Promised Land— God’s promise to to the nation of Israel.

What is God’s promise to you and your family?

God’s love for us is unconditional 100% of the time, but his blessings are not. Verses five and six say to “Love the Lord your God with all you heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. These words that I am giving you today are to be in your heart.

The command didn’t just stop there. God shows his design and desire for the family in verse seven— repeat them to your children. This echoes the words of verse two where God says the statutes he is giving are “for you, your son, and your grandson”. We are to teach God’s Word to our children and grandchildren. God’s blessings that he has designed for you and your family depend on it!

The command was to teach them when you sit at your house, walk along the road, when you lie down, and when you get up. This covers all aspects of life— when you are relaxing together, active, getting up to start your day, and when you are ending your day.

The Israelites would sometimes tie phylacteries (a small box containing Scripture texts) around their forehead and hands to as a reminder of God’s law to them. While we aren’t telling your to tie Scripture around your forehead, we are encouraging you to be intentional in keeping God’s Word, commands and teachings, and his promises with you and in your hearts wherever we go.

Life gets crazy busy, but if we, as families, become so busy that we no longer have time to teach our kids and grandkids God’s Word and his desire for our lives, we have become entirely too busy!

We left the families with this— Win the family. Win the generation. Will you commit?

Will you commit to teach your kids and grandkids the Word of God and the promises and blessings he has in store for them as they commit their lives to him?

We closed out the night with Family Feud: Parents VS. Students. The categories were: Things you may do to become a sumo wrestler, things the average person is afraid of, things associated with Alaska, and things associated with Jesus. The final round consisted of one person from each team facing off in the special ten question money round. The parents won the contest, and will get a special fellowship night in return!

Be Blessed!

-Pastor Dustin

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    $100 deposit and applications for our 2020 Kentucky Adventure Camp are due on Sunday, October 27th or Wednesday, October 30th.
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