Youth will move to Wednesday Nights, 6:30-8:00, beginning June 5th.

CLEAN UP TIME— Week 2— 2/18/18

We had a great time last night for Part 2 of CLEAN UP TIME.

We had our Elective Time from 5-6 before youth as usual. The Easter Outreach group continued working hard as they prepare for their Easter performance, and the Games Elective had a blast playing ping-pong and pool.

We kicked off the night with one of our favorite games, KNEE VOLLEYBALL. This game is a more relaxed version (as far as rules go) and wild (as far as the ball bouncing off of walls and chairs) of actual volleyball. The game is played on your knees, and the ball can be played off of the wall, ceiling, etc.

The GEN122 Youth Band (GEN— short for generation. 122— Romans 12:2) did a great job leading everyone into worship last night.


Mariah gave a brief message last night on Campus Missions, GO! Get Your Harvest!, and Making Disciples who make disciples. She shared with the group her heart and how our theme verse for the month, Psalm 51:10NKJV,

Create in me a clean heart, O God,
And renew a steadfast spirit within me.

fits in with Campus Missions. Sometimes, we need God to “clean up” the way we approach and view the importance of our friends having a relationship with Jesus. Mariah shared that it starts with planting a seed. That’s what our part is. Care enough for our peers and friends to sow seeds of God’s love and salvation into their lives, and pray that they will respond to God’s call and invitation to them. Mariah did an outstanding job to set up Tribe Huddle time when students talked with their Tribe Leaders on how to connect with and reach different people in their schools.


Have a great week and don’t miss our worship night this Sunday, February 28th!

-Pastor Dustin

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