There is no youth on Easter Sunday, April 21st.

Your Spiritual GPS/Skating Trip

This weekend was a blast! We went skating on Saturday, and then we talked about “Your Spiritual GPS” on Sunday night. Our spiritual GPS is the Bible.

The Bible isn’t like any other book because it is still alive and active in our lives today. The Bible isn’t just the “word” of God; it is the voice of God. The more time we spend getting to know the word, or written voice of God, the more we will come to know God’s spoken voice in our lives.

Life also has a way of throwing detours at us. It’s really not a matter of “if”, but when we’ll be faced with unexpected situations in our lives. The Bible serves as our guide and entry point to knowing and discerning the voice of God to guide us through the “detours” of life.

We hope to see you next week and be blessed!

-Pastor Dustin

Dare2Share 2015

dare2share logo bw

We had a BLAST at Dare2Share in Columbus, OH. We left about 12:30pm on Friday, March 6th and got back Sunday about 8pm. Here are some pictures and videos from the event. Enjoy! If you have more you would like to share then send them to Pastor Dustin or Jason.


Winter Jam 2015

winter-jam-2015-logoWe had a BLAST at the Winter Jam 2015 at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, OH!
Several of us left with raspy voices from singing and yelling along. Here are some great shots from the night. If you have any more to add send them to Jason or Pastor Dustin via text or facebook messenger.

See below for the bands that performed and make sure you go with us next year!


Beulah Beach

Beulah Beach

We took 11 people to Beulah Beach on Saturday. We participated in several group organization techniques, exercises and obstacles. After we completed the course our leader, Kyle, treated us to Hot Chocolate…YUM! Sarah took video of the last element where most of us did the trust fall. See below.

Rev3 Cedar Point Triathlon


This past Sunday (September 7th, 2014), New Life Church sent 58 volunteers to the Rev3 Cedar Point Triathlon. What is a Triathlon? A full triathlon is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run!

We had SO MUCH fun handing out water, Gatorade, Coke, PowerGel packs, pretzels, salt (while running in place – David), and even stretching – Erik.

We had a “dance party” to encourage the runners who were still out after dark!

Thank you to all who made this an AWESOME event for the all the runners that passed the BEST aid station on the 26.2 mile run. We were the first and last aid station they came to. We were at miles 1 and 12 for the half Iron Man, and miles 1, 12, 14, and 25 for the full Iron Man. There were 300 full and 700 half runners which means that we saw 1,000 runners pass us 2,600 times over the span of approximately 13 hours. We were there at 8:15 A.M. setting up, the first runner came through around 11:30 A.M., and we didn’t leave until 12:30 A.M. (Monday morning) when the last runner passed.

 From Jennifer’s Camera

 From Sarah’s Camera

From Pastor Dustin’s Camera

From Jason’s Camera

Lake Erie Crushers Game 2 (September)

lake erie crushers avon bdayCrushers logo miners logofrontier league logo

We took a group of youth and adults to the last regular season game of the Lake Erie Crushers at All Pro Freight Stadium in Avon, OH. The game ended in a 6-5 loss against the Southern Illinois Miners. Afterwards there was an awesome fireworks show to celebrate Avon’s (Avon, OH) 200th Birthday. See the pictures below for a quick one minute fireworks show. The actual show was about 10 minutes! We added some music for your listening pleasure… your welcome. 🙂


Pastor Adams' picture from facebookPastor Dustin's picture from facebook

The preformed a few songs including the National Anthem360 pano sphereLake Erie Crushers ticket

Sunset at Crushers game

Sunset at Crushers game


Fireworks!After fireworks

June Campout

June Campout


We had a blast at the campout on June 6th at Enderle Farm! We played Kubb, Ladder Ball, Bocce Ball and Flashlight Tag. We cooked hot dogs and s’mores. We also had worship with Dustin and Luke on guitar. In the morning we had a small group devotional. Fun was had by all. Next time can we have more male participation please? Luke and Austin were lonely and Dustin and Jason were out numbered.

2014-06-06 21.20.46 2014-06-06 21.20.36 2014-06-06 21.20.502014-06-06 20.36.50 2014-06-06 21.32.41 2014-06-06 21.32.31 2014-06-06 21.32.15