There is no youth on Easter Sunday, April 21st.

Attaboy Concert and Dare2Share 2016!

This past week was packed full of great stuff!

Thursday, we had the opportunity to partner with the band “Attaboy” for an Event at Edison High School. The band did an assembly for the entire school Thursday afternoon where they gave a concert and talked about making positive choices in life. Thursday night was another concert where the band played and talked about the importance of having a relationship with Christ. We also provided a meal for the band before the concert, handed out stuff for the band with info on our group, and helped the band pack up after the concert!

Friday morning we left the church and headed to Dayton, Ohio for the 2016 Dare2Share “Live It Up!” Conference with fourteen youth and four adults in a 15-passenger van and a mini van. We were richly blessed by APEX Community Church allowing us to stay at their facility as well as providing us with two meals at no cost!

We were all challenged to grow in our walk with God, live for him in front of others, and share the Gospel with our peers. We saw our youth truly enter into worship, some stepped up and showed great leadership abilities, and we had the opportunity to walk through part of Dayton while praying for the city. Some of the youth even had the opportunity to pray with a couple of people they met during their prayer walk!

Our heart is that we continue to “Live It Up”:

  1. Upwardly by focusing on God and carrying  out his plan.
  2. Inwardly by walking out our faith through the power of the Holy Spirit that lives inside of us.
  3. Outwardly by making disciples who make disciples.

Sunday night at youth we hung out and and played some of our favorite games to recover from the long weekend. We’ll be back on our normal schedule and set up this week!

Be Blessed and gave a GREAT week!

-Pastor Dustin


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