There is no youth on Easter Sunday, April 21st.

A Limitless Cell Phone Plan


Tonight was Part- 4 of our “Ignition 7” Series, and the topic was “A Limitless Cell Phone Plan”. We talked about how prayer is our limitless, or unlimited, way of communicating with God.

The night kicked off with an icebreaker called “telephone”. This is a game where the first person says something to the person beside of them, and the message then gets passed throughout the group until it gets back to the person who gave the original message. The majority of the time, the message gets completely distorted by the time it gets through the group. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about God giving us tricky messages that are difficult to hear and virtually impossible to carry out.

The “secret” we gave the youth about prayer was to forget about it. Yes, you read correctly. The reason we encouraged the youth to forget about it is because prayer itself is not the purpose of what we are trying to accomplish. The purpose is simply talking and communicating with God,  the creator of the universe. We need to quit worrying about impressing God with our prayers and just be ourselves (that’s who God created us to be).

We closed out the night by having the youth write a prayer to God on the student handouts that they could later read to God. The purpose was to allow them to get their feelings off their chest before they actually tried to verbalize them to anyone.

See you next week!

Pastor Dustin

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