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What’s Your Story—Week 2 (5/28/17)

Hello #teamawakening family!

The students had fun before youth during our elective hour. This week was VIP Elective, Karate Elective, and Games Elective.

We had a powerful time of worship that was led by the youth band, GEN122. You can check out the clips below.

Fix My Eyes Clip

Pursuit Clip

This past Sunday was Part 2 of our “What’s Your Story?” Series. Lydia gave the message tonight on the story of Lydia from the Bible. We learned that Lydia is believed to be the first Christian convert on the continent of Europe. She was a wealthy business owner Thyatira. Lydia knew about God, but she did not have a relationship with him. After she spoke to Paul and Silas she believed and was baptized along with her ENTIRE household.

Lydia was a woman of influence that committed to following Jesus in an area that following Jesus wasn’t common or popular. Lydia ultimately could lost business, or even have been imprisoned. Her house became the meeting place of the church as we see when Paul and Silas stopped at her house after they we’re released from prison.

Lydia used her influence and new life in Christ in influence those around her. Many lives were changed because of her decision to publicly follow and live for Jesus. Lydia didn’t do anything that we would consider significant. She simply lived her life for Jesus and opened her home for the believers in the area to gather together and encourage one another.

Students were challenged to evaluate their own story, and think about the small things they can do at school, home, work, etc. to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

After the message, students continued working on their own backstories as they prepare to learn how to share their stories about what Christ has done in their life with others.

Be Blessed!

-Pastor Dustin