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What’s Your Story—Week 2 (5/28/17)

Hello #teamawakening family!

The students had fun before youth during our elective hour. This week was VIP Elective, Karate Elective, and Games Elective.

We had a powerful time of worship that was led by the youth band, GEN122. You can check out the clips below.

Fix My Eyes Clip

Pursuit Clip

This past Sunday was Part 2 of our “What’s Your Story?” Series. Lydia gave the message tonight on the story of Lydia from the Bible. We learned that Lydia is believed to be the first Christian convert on the continent of Europe. She was a wealthy business owner Thyatira. Lydia knew about God, but she did not have a relationship with him. After she spoke to Paul and Silas she believed and was baptized along with her ENTIRE household.

Lydia was a woman of influence that committed to following Jesus in an area that following Jesus wasn’t common or popular. Lydia ultimately could lost business, or even have been imprisoned. Her house became the meeting place of the church as we see when Paul and Silas stopped at her house after they we’re released from prison.

Lydia used her influence and new life in Christ in influence those around her. Many lives were changed because of her decision to publicly follow and live for Jesus. Lydia didn’t do anything that we would consider significant. She simply lived her life for Jesus and opened her home for the believers in the area to gather together and encourage one another.

Students were challenged to evaluate their own story, and think about the small things they can do at school, home, work, etc. to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

After the message, students continued working on their own backstories as they prepare to learn how to share their stories about what Christ has done in their life with others.

Be Blessed!

-Pastor Dustin

What’s Your Story? (5/21/17)

We kicked off a new series this past Sunday Night titled, “What’s Your Story?”

Before we got into worship and the message, we played a game called, “Pillow Joust”. Students stood on a crate and tried to knock their opponent off of their crate by hitting them with a pillow. You can check out one of the photos below from the game:

Tonight’s message was about the Shunammite woman found in 2 Kings 4:8-37. The message looked at three different aspects from the Shunammite’s story:

1.     Receiving Her Heart’s Biggest Desire (2 Kings 4:8-17)

The Shunammite’s greatest desire was to have a child. In that culture, it was shameful for a woman not to bear a child to her husband. We can understand how the Shunammite woman must have felt embarrassed, like a failure, and inadequate. While our story may not be exactly like the Shunammite woman’s, we can certainly relate to the feelings that she would have felt as a result from not having a child. Because the Shunammite woman was a blessing to Elisha, the prophet and man of God, she received her heart’s biggest desire. The students were challenged to think about their heart’s biggest desire that they were seeking God for.

2.    Losing Her Heart’s Biggest Desire (2 Kings 4:18-21)

The story of the Shunammite woman takes a heartbreaking turn in verses 18-21 when the woman’s son dies. We don’t know how old the boy was, but we can imagine the heartache the Shunammite must have felt after losing the son that she had finally received. Unfortunately, many of us have or will experience the pain and heartache that comes from losing someone or something that is very near and dear to our hearts. The Shunammite took her son and laid her on the bed of Elisha, probably because she recognized that the presence of God was on Elisha and hoped that he had left some behind from the last time he was their.

The Shunammite woman, like us, had two choices when she was faced with this heartbreaking situation: give up or fight.

3.     Fighting for Her Heart’s Biggest Desire (2 Kings 4:22-37)

The Shunammite woman knew that there was only one way to overcome the unfortunate situation that she was now facing. Elisha represented the presence and power of God to the people, so the Shunammite went straight to Elisha and refused to leave him until he went with her to see her son. We too, need to be determined to fight and hold on to our faith in God when we are facing a situation that seems hopeless. When your circumstances and everyone around you tell you that there is no hope left, fight for your heart’s biggest desire that God has given you!

Fortunately, the Shunammite’s story had a happy ending. However, things in life may not always turn out how we hope or think they will. It’s in those times that must continue to fight to keep our faith and trust in God as we live out our life’s story.

Be Blessed!

-Pastor Dustin


The Rest of Your Life Begins Now (5/7/17)

Happy Monday #teamawakening family!

Last night’s topic was— “The Rest of Your Life Begins Now”. Our student leaders helped deliver the message with things they learned from the Lead the Cause Leadership Conference they attended in March. Decisions we make now can have an effect on the rest of our lives. This statement isn’t said to make you nervous but to encourage you to make positive choices that will help prepare you for success in your walk with God for the future.

Statistics says that 80% of students walk away from their faith after they graduate high school. That means that out of the 26 students we have been averaging this year, that about 21 of you will walk away from your faith. Notice that I said that “Statistics say”. I don’t believe it will happen to this group because I believe that this group is full of people who will apply what you learn here, and be difference makers in your generation. Regardless of whether you are a senior in high school and a sixth grader, keeping your faith after high school begins today!

Noah talked to us first about leading ourselves. Some of what we learned from Noah was:

1. Lead Yourself

1. It is our responsibility to govern (lead) ourselves. We should accept this role and take responsibility. Regardless of what our friends, family, and those around us are doing or do to us, God has given us the ability to make our own choices and decisions. We are responsible for the decisions we make and the things we do.

2.  Time is precious. Be intentional on how you spend yours. Time can control us if we allow it to. We should be intentional in how we play and spend our time. We should be in control of our time and how it is spent.

3. Walk under the banner of God. Make a covenant with yourself. Walking under God’s banner means that we walk under God’s leadership and way of life. Making covenant with yourself is an incredibly powerful concept. A covenant in the Bible was an unbreakable contract. Breaking a covenant could mean losing your life. A covenant was your word and promise to deliver on the promise that was made. We should value ourselves enough to make a covenant with ourselves that we will always stand on God’s truth and lead ourselves down the path of life that God has created us to live.

Macey talked to us next about:

2.  Keeping Your Faith After High School
1.  The strength of a tree is in its roots. Part of staying strong in our faith is developing strong roots. Our life and the decisions we make should be rooted in God’s desire for our lives and his Word. Following the 3×5 principal— 3 exercises for 5 minutes each (pray, read, worship) is a great way to develop strong roots in our walk with God. Fifteen minutes a day can make an incredible impact on our growth in our relationship with God.

2. 4 D’s—
A. Discipline Yourself
B. Doubt your doubts (emphasize and explain)                                                                                                                                                                                                             C. Find someone to disciple you (find a mentor). Your mentor is not your best friend. Their main purpose is to tell you what you need to hear. Your mentor   should be someone who is mature and further along in their faith than you.
D. Develop godly friendships

We should always do our best to make the most of each decision we make. One slip is all it takes to walk away from your faith. While we know that God’s forgiveness extends to any mistake we make, there are still consequences to the decisions we make that can have a big impact on our lives even after we’ve been forgiven.

Mariah closed out the message part of the night by talking to us about:

3. Authenticity Is…

1. Authentic— having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence— operating out of your true identity! You know your true identity by being in the word.
A.  Be Yourself! Being yourself is recognizing that you are imperfect and flawed by sin but saved and perfected by grace.                                                                        B.  The Word should be your go-to above all else. The Bible is our guide in life and any situation that we face.

2. Authenticity is not:
A. Masking, filtering, or covering up your true identity.
B. Identifying with perfection (I’m fine)
C. Identifying with condemnation (You’re messed up)
D. Riding on extremes
E. Comparing to and copying other people (being someone other than who God created you to be.

Noah, Macey, and Mariah did a GREAT job of giving us tools to help us develop a strong walk of faith with God that will help us stay strong in our faith long after we graduate high school!

Make sure you check out some pictures below from the night before you go, and we hope to see you again soon!

-Pastor Dustin


    $100 deposit and applications for our 2020 Kentucky Adventure Camp are due on Sunday, October 27th or Wednesday, October 30th.
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