There is no youth on Easter Sunday, April 21st.

Plugged In

Plugged In


This past Sunday, September 6, 2015, was move up night. We recognized the new sixth graders that just joined the youth group as well as this year’s senior class, and invited the parents out to enjoy the night with us.

We kicked off the night with an short game where we had three teams of two. One team member had to hold a styrofoam cup in their mouth while the other team member had to toss miniature marshmallows in the air from six feet away for their teammate to catch in the cup.


After the game, the youth band led us in a powerful time of worship before the lesson. Pastor Dustin gave the lesson titled, “Plugged In” where everyone was encouraged to get plugged in to God and others in the group to help maintain a strong, growing walk with God.

After the lesson, we closed out the night with several intense games of Octoball! Octoball is a game played inside of an octagon where you hit the ball with your hands in an effort to get everyone else out. The catch is that once you think you’ve dodged the ball, it ricochets off of the side and back at you!


Octoball: Intense, wild, fast-paced fun!

GND videoWe hope you’ve enjoyed this update from Awakening Youth Ministries, and we hope to see you soon!

Be Blessed!                                                                                                                                                                                 -Pastor Dustin