Youth will move to Wednesday Nights, 6:30-8:00, beginning June 5th.

Why Do I Believe What I Believe?


We had a powerful worship time tonight, a challenging lesson,and a testimony from Luke Pratt about how God has started to use him in sharing his faith with his friends at school!


Luke sharing his testimony about God opening doors for him to share his faith with his peers at school!

I love seeing the youth raise their hands in worship to God…especially when they do it out of their own desire instead of us asking and encouraging them to enter in to worship! Make sure to check out some of the pictures below of our worship time! The most intimate time of worship wasn’t photoed because our camera guy was a little caught up in worship too. (That’s a good thing:)

” Why do you believe what you believe?” That’s a question that we all need to be able to answer. Many of us grow up in church our entire lives without actually thinking about why we believe what we believe. It’s one thing to share the Gospel with our peers, but it’s the “why” we believe the message of the Gospel and how it has impacted our lives that will impact the lives of those around us.

We also started to look at some different world views that the youth may encounter as they live out their walk with God around their friends. Last night we talked about atheism and agnosticism, and how to talk with those who follow these world views.

At the end of youth, we split the youth into groups of two and three people to share with one another why they believe what they believe, and how their relationship with Christ has changed their lives. We will continue to do this about once a month to help equip and prepare the youth to reach out to their peers and school campuses.

Below are pictures our lesson time and our meeting after youth with those going on the Staten Island Mission Trip.

Be Blessed and we hope to see you again soon!