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Falling Down

Hey everybody! We hope that this update from Awakening Youth Ministries finds you doing well and enjoying life! This past Sunday, April 26th, we talked about “Falling Down”.

Before we got into the music and lesson, we played a new game to the group called “Chair Basketball”. This game is just like basketball except that you have to stay seated in your chair. So where in the room you position yourself is the key to winning and losing.

We had a great time of music/worship where we were encouraged to allow the presence of God to fill every part of their life including as well as heal the wounds that we were struggling with.

The name of the lesson was, “Falling Down”. We all know that it’s easy following God when things are going well, but things change when life gets a little tougher and we fall. We are defined not by the mistakes we make but what we do in response to those mistakes.

We looked at Peter, a disciple of Christ, as an example. Peter claimed he would NEVER betray or abandon Christ, but unfortunately, Peter did exactly what he said he would never do: deny Christ THREE times. The incredible thing is, as we see in John 21:15-17, Peter returned to Christ, was reinstated, and saw 3,000 people saved after his first message! People was originally called to reach the lost, and even after his HUGE fall, his calling never changed! He simply had to repent and return to Christ.

Make sure to check out the full discussion in the video below from Pastor Dustin.