Youth will move to Wednesday Nights, 6:30-8:00, beginning June 5th.

Current Events Night

Current Events Night

The topics were meant to create discussion and WOW did they ever! The discussions got heated as some people voiced their opinions and others wanted fact to be known. We talked about Sharing Your Faith in School/Public, Relationships/Modesty, and Gay Marriage. The leaders guided the talks with questions and the youth voiced what they wanted on the topics. We had to cut some of the discussion off for time but promise to revisit it at a later date. We also played Volleyball and some homework.

Before we had discussions we played volleyball and some people helped with Austin’s trigonometry. We also ate hotdogs, YUM!

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Back to School Bash

Back to School Bash

We had a BLAST at our Back to School Bash. Thank you all for showing up and having fun! Here are some pics from the event.

We started by eating some delicious pizza and lemonade then outside to have the real fun!

We spray painted a HUGE PacMan course and placed tape on the course for the kids to pick up. The adults were the ghosts. The kids were released on the course one by one at 30 second intervals and the 4 ghosts were released at 30 second intervals on the opposite side of the course. Neither PacMan or Ghost could cross the lines. The PacMen were allowed to run but the ghost were not. We placed cones on the corners of the course which sent the Ghosts back to their box and then released again at the 30 second intervals. This was fun. We know how we can make it better next time though.

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We also played Capture the Flag, but we didn’t get any pictures from that part of the evening.

We finished the night with a relay race. There were 3 teams of five. The first leg of the challenge was to have a back-to-back balloon hold and walk/run. You had to keep a balloon between your backs and go from start to finish. Once you reached the finish line you had to tag the next person who had to shave a blown up balloon that was covered in shaving cream. Once they were finished, they had to tag the next team of two who had to feed a donut to their partner who was on the ground upside down. The feeder was standing over them blind folded. The person being fed was on the ground giving directions to their feeder.

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And Dustin, Jason, & Brittany got a little smeared.

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